Buffallo Trace Bourbon- and Rye-Whiskey

Rare and selected Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Rye Whiskey

Buffalo Trace is an American company owned by the family (1857-1869 OFC Distillery, 1873-1952 George T. Stagg, 1952-1969 Blanton s Distillery, 1969-1992 Ancient Age) is a whiskey distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky and the tradition goes back to the year 1786. The company survived the era of Prohibition as a licensed only six distilleries were producing medical Whiskey for pharmacies. Today it belongs to the Sazerac Company of New Orleans and none of the other American distilleries produces such a wide range of whiskeys as Buffalo Trace. The distillery produces mainly Bourbon whiskeys, but also has some of the most famous Rye whiskeys on offer. The oldest building on the premises, which is used for whiskey production, dates back to 1792 and since 2013 the company premises a National Historic Landmark. Buffalo Trace itself can prove a continuous operation since. 1857 First owner was Benjamin Blanton, who soon sold the distillery to Edmund Taylor. Taylor called O.F.C. the distillery (Old Fire Copper), after then used pot stills made of copper and renovated the building in 1873 with George T. Stagg, of the distillery took over the late 19th century and gave her his name. From 1929 to 1983 belonged to the George T. Stagg Distillery to Schenley, a precursor of Diageo. In the crisis years of the Bourbons since the 1970 Schenley operated the George T. Stagg Distillery and the Bernheim Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky (now part of Heaven Hill) alternately, so that the whiskeys of Schenley could come depending on the season from different distilleries. 1983 sold Schenley distillery at Ferdie Falk and Robert Baranaskas who founded the new company Age International (AI) and produced there, among other Ancient Age whiskey, but also produced whiskey non-marked, which as basis for blended whiskey and the brand-party products served.
Buffalo Trace Distillery was the first American who discovered the trend of high-priced single malts from Scotland and began with its own products implement the concept. Single Malt was successful at this time, especially in Japan, so that they produced their first such product for the Japanese market: developed by Elmer T Lee Blanton Single Barrel Bourbon was the first Bourbon Whiskey, the only ever made a single barrel in the warehouse was recovered and wanted to address a new premium audience. Blanton was himself a moderate success, but the concept caught on, so that today there are dozens of Single Barrel and Small Batch-Whiskeys - Including large numbers of Buffalo Trace itself.
Today come from Bufalo Trace Whiskey legends as EH Taylor, Jr. Stagg, George T. Stagg, Albert B. Blanton, Oroville Schupp, Eagle Rare, Pappy Van Winkle, Elmer T. Lee, Sazerac, Thomas H. Handy, W. L. Weller, William Larue Weller and other world famous brands. The Distillery has won for its wide range of premium bourbon and rye whiskeys more than 200 awards and titles such notable publications as Whisky Magazine, Wine Enthusiast Magazine and in Jim Murray s Whisky Bible and received the award in 2010 as the World Whisky Magazine icons of Whisky. Furthermore experimented Buffalo Trace successfully for years with whiskeys - currently Buffalo Trace has about 2000 of these experimental barrels and calls this Experimental Collection.

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