Aberlour Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Aberlour Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In the small town of Aberlour surrounded by beautiful nature in the heart of the Speyside, a licensed distillery founded by James Gordon and Peter Weir was established in 1826, which fell victim to a large fire in 1878 and was not put into operation again. This was right on the River Spey. The banker and co-owner of the nearby distillery Dailuaine James Fleming then built the distillery Aberlour in 1879 about a mile away from the old place where it is today. The new location was selected by Fleming because of the spring water in the Drosdans Well and the mysticism of the place.
The distillery newly built by Fleming also fell victim to a large fire in 1898 by an explosion in the mill, which destroyed a large part of the buildings. However, by the courageous use of the residents, a part of the whiskey storage could be saved. Aberlour had to be reconstructed almost completely and from the time of this reconstruction, the main part of the buildings still standing today. During the years 1917 to 1919 the production at Aberlour is resting as in many other distilleries. In 1920, the distillery was sold to W.H. Holt and Sons and remains in their possession until 1942. Then James Donald Stewart takes over the distillery, but the production is discontinued. S. Campbell and Sons Ltd. then takes over Aberlour in 1945 and production is resumed. In 1962 their own malt floors were closed. Through the whisky boom in the seventies, the capacity was doubled by the installation of an additional Wash Still and a Spirit Still. Distilled is in two wash- (21.120 l) and two Spiritstills (together 35.456 l), which are heated by steam.
In 1974, Chivas Brothers Ltd. for the international company Pernod Ricard take over the S. Campbel and Sons Ltd and was since then owner of the Aberlour distillery.
The Aberlour Single Malt is considered a mild, soft and real Speyside single malt whisky. Its aroma is full, malty and more fruity than spicy. The taste is determined by the generally used sherry or wine casks and is rather sweet with sherry, not smoky and thus almost perfect for lovers of sweet whiskies.


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