Glenfiddich Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Glenfiddich Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The distillery Glenfiddich in the homonymous valley in Speyside in the Scottish Highlands was built in 1886 by William Grant and his family, who stills came from the old Cardhu distillery. Christmas 1887 began the first production of whisky. Since then, the distillery produced at the same location with the same manufacturing process with one of the smallest stills Scottish distilleries. The company is - as the last Scottish whiskey distillery - still owned by the founding family, the Grant family. In 1963, no more Blend could be made of the fire, as the distillery no delivery Grain Whisky got more. So the family decided to bottle whisky of pure barley malt and sell and only from that date began the modern marketing of single-malt whisky. Glenfiddich is one of the most successful manufacturer of whisky whose triangular bottle shape is almost all over the world to buy and typical of the distillery. The water from the distillery comes from the Robbie Dubh sources. It has two Mashtuns stainless steel, the fermentation tanks are made by hand and are not, as in most distilleries of stainless steel, but from Douglas fir. The mildness of the whisky is achieved by storing in Spanish sherry casks and American bourbon barrels. To ensure a consistent taste, applies the Glenfiddich distillery to a method less and less used: the marriage. In a large marriage barrel of whisky matures more barrels by up to nine months. is distilled in 10 Washstills (per 9,100 l) and 18 spirit stills (per 4,550 l) which are distributed almost equally between two Still Rooms. As one of the very few Scottish malt whisky distilleries Glenfiddich fills its own products in bottles and sets this water from the sources, which was also used in the production. The Grant family acquired after first financial successes the whole extended region, through which the source flows to prevent that factories settle, which could contaminate the water source.
The result is not only a number of exquisite single malt whiskys, but also so-called. Year bottlings come on special occasions on the market and Glenfiddich is today one of the most popular brands when it comes to single malts. The Whisky Glenfiddich is the comprehensive production quite different. Young whiskys waiting with a sweet and fruity aroma, with older versions enter the oak and malt aromas to the fore. He is generally considered very dry and with an exceptionally long finish and therefore a world large crowd of supporters in the whisky community.

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