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Bourbon whiskey is one of the US whiskey varieties, mainly composed of maize and certainly one of the world s most famous whiskeys. The name is derived from the historical link with the territory Old Bourbon, also known as Bourbon County in Kentucky is known today and is named after one of the French royal family, the Bourbons. The returning to the 18th century manufacturing principle is the same as with malt whiskeys, but its grain mixture must contain at least 51% corn, but in most cases is more used. The remainder can consist of different grains and from this grain mix a mash is then recognized, these then fired after fermentation in a conventional manner and stored in new, charred oak barrels.
If a bourbon whiskey stored for more than two years and has no added flavors or other spirits, he may call Straight Bourbon. If a Straight Bourbon stored less than four years, this must identify the exact age and it is then the same as for Scotch whisky: only the youngest distillate in bottling is relevant for labeling.
Bourbon Whiskey is not under regulatory minimum maturation period, which is prescribed for Scotch whisky - to distinguish several different variants of the Bourbon with varying quality. This begins with the Blended Bourbon. This is mixed together from a plurality of barrels to obtain a uniform product as possible and to minimize fluctuations in taste. A Blended Bourbon Whiskey is basically composed of different bourbon whiskeys, but it needs at least 51% of an unblended Straight Bourbon included. This is followed by the Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey, this is solely from Straight Bourbon, which are mixed together to obtain an even better result by taste.
Coronation American Whiskey Art are the vintage bottlings and the Single Barrel Bourbon, which is filled directly from a single barrel and with the Single Cask whisky is comparable. These special bourbon whiskeys are available only in small quantities or strictly limited editions. Among the best known and best Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskeys in this category include in particular the old and rare bottlings of Rip Van Winkle with Old Van Winkle and Pappy Winkle Van, George T. Stagg, William Larue Weller, Willett, A.H. Hirsch, Heaven Hill, Eagle Rare and the legendary Stitzel Weller bottlings. Many of these bourbon whiskeys are among the absolute rarities on the market and make every collector s heart.

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