Hibiki Japanese Premium Blended Whisky

Rare and selected Hibiki Japanese Premium Blended Whisky

Whisky is an essential part of the Japanese drinking culture. The statement may seem surprising, but it is historically easy to explain. As early as 1924 began Mr. Torii, founder of Suntory, with the whisky production. The founder of Suntory, Shinjiro Torii, opened its first retail store Torii Shoten, the imported wines sold in February 1899 in Osaka. In 1924 he began beyond the production of Single Malt Whisky. During this time, the first time the name Suntory has been used as a brand name. Today s distillery is located in Kyoto, whose environment has a versatile air and high humidity. When he established the first distillery in Yamazaki Japan sink outside Kyoto, he could not foresee the promising future this whiskey should have series in the best dreams. In 1929 he presented his first distillate under the name Shirofuda. The Suntory Hibiki is one of the premium blends world. Hibiki, which means in Japanese harmony, is a master blend of carefully selected 35 full-bodied single malt and grain whiskys, the different length rested in barrels and care for his excellent and complex aroma and a special taste experience. These whiskys are matured in different barrels, are completed blinded to each other and then engage another six months in the barrel. A portion of the blend matured in barrels made of very rare Japanese Mizunara oak. The award-winning Suntory Hibiki 17 years stands out with its soft, full-bodied flavor and its lightweight peatiness, tropical fruit and caramel determine the delicate and complex flavor and he was honored by Whisky Magazine as Gold Editors Choice, won the World Whisky Awards and was supported by the International Wine and Spirits Competition repeatedly provided with awards. The 24 facets of the bottle of Hibiki premium blended whiskys symbolize the 24 seasons that we know from the ancient tradition of Sekki, the old Japanese calendar. This harmonious blend embodies the soul Japanese craftsmanship and exudes a balanced complexity and unity. Hibiki is not only in Japan most decorated blended whisky, but also one of the most respected and most recognized whisky in the world.

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