Hanyu Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Rare and selected Hanyu Japanes Single Malt Whisky

The Japanese Hanyu distillery was originally a family business and was founded in 1626 by the Akuto family. They were originally Sake maker in the village Chichibu. Isouji Akuto, the 19th generation of Akuto-family built in 1941 a plant for the production of alcohol in the city Hanyu, northwest of Tokyo. A license to manufacture issued 1946th. 1980 two stills were installed and started serious attempts a whisky Scotch Style produce. At this time, the consumer demanded mainly by blended whisky, it has now shifted clearly towards malt whisky. In 1990 the first Chichibu whisky Hanyu was launched, named after the site of the original Sake production. The owners changed and the new management decided to get rid of maturing whisky and distillation plants. Fortunately chose a sake maker from northern Japan, Sasanokawa Shuzo, for the rescue of Hanyu distillery and took the whisky and the facilities at this critical time. Finally founded Ichro Akuto, grandson of the founder of the Hanyu distillery, a new company called Venture Whisky and started again with the production of malt whisky. The whisky of Hanyu from Ichiro s Malt series were filled by the One Drinks Company and mostly offered in a limited edition with only a few bottles. Number One Drinks specializes in the marketing of high quality and exclusive Japanese single malt, single cask, blended malt whiskys and mostly short runs from reputable and well-known distilleries from all over Japan, including the famous Karuizawa distillery marketed. Hanyu single malt whiskys are particularly in demand today among gourmets, connoisseurs and collectors and achieve again at the special sale of Bonhams and Christie s set new records. A special piece of Japanese whisky history, rarely available and an absolute rarity whisky.

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