Rare and selected Kavalan Single Malt Whisky from Taiwan

The Taiwanese Kavalan Distillery is located in the northern part of the east coast of Taiwan, about 80 km southeast of Taipei Yilan County, a small coastal plain at the mouth of the river Lanyang. The Taiwanese aborigines are called Kavalanen, hence the name Kavalan Whisky derives. 2005 fulfilled T.T. Lee, founder and president of the Taiwanese food company King Car Group, his greatest wish: an own whisky distillery. An avid whisky he dreamed already long from the idea to produce a high-quality whisky for Taiwan.
But only with the WTO accession of Taiwan in 2002 and the dissolution of the state monopoly on spirits advanced this idea in the realm of possibility. For agents Punk this project the chemist Ian Chang, who finished in Scotland his training as a master blender with flying colors was. The most important advisors build the distillery and production adaptation to climatic conditions was the British chemist and whiskey expert Dr. Jim Swan, which helps the company active until today. In April 2005 we started with the construction of King Car Kavalan Distillery and already on 11 March 2006 saw the first New Make the light of day. High humidity and temperatures of 15 ° C above the Scottish average annual set the team challenges. It soon became clear that storage times of 12 years or more in Taiwan would not be possible. With Angels Share of 15-18% per year Kavalan is well above the Scottish and Irish share of 2-3%. For the whisky production only spring water from the region is used. The special case is the soft and sweet taste of the water, which contributes ultimately to the fruity character of the whisky.
For the maturation of Kavalan whisky exclusively high quality oak casks from Europe and the United States are used. The barrels are stored mostly standing. The biggest reason is to secure the barrels against earthquakes, which occur frequently in Taiwan. The Pot Still 4 stills (each 2 wash stills and 2 spirit stills) are from Scotland. Both the distillery and its whiskys have won numerous international awards in recent years and become established in a variety of blind tastings against much older colleagues. Also in the whisky Bibble from whiskey expert Jim Murray of Kavalan whisky multiple grandiose ratings received.

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