Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Rare and selected Evan Williams Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Evan Williams Single barrel is a well-structured Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, known after its founder, the Welshman Evan Williams, also known as whiskey pioneer named and is fired at Heaven Hill. Heaven Hill is a whiskey distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky and Louisville, Kentucky. The family-owned company manufactures mainly Bourbon Whiskey, is considered one of the largest independent manufacturer in the US and has more than 675,000 barrels by Glenfiddich on the second largest whiskey warehouse the world. International best-known brands are Elijah Craig and Evan Williams. Heaven Hill is the only remaining border larger producer of corn whiskey in the United States and produces whiskey on behalf of several companies, which do not have their own distillery. As a single barrel and vintage bottling is the Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage one of the hallmarks of the Heaven Hill Distillery. The Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage series began 18 years ago, since then appear regularly aromatic insights into the barrels of the Heaven Hill distillery, always quick with a maturing period in American white oak barrels of 9-10 years. The single barrel bottlings of Evan Williams have won several awards, including with the premier class under the Bourbons, Tennesssees and Ryes, provide plenty of flavor and a special taste experience for a reasonable price. Each bottle Evan Williams Single Barrel comes from a single barrel, this is proved by the handwritten label with individual cask number, date of filling of the barrel and by the date of filling the bottle (Vintage). The Evan Williams Single Barrel whiskey have a strong amber to bronze color and are particularly impressive with its big trump card: the flavors in the nose. This Bourbon is extremely soft and complex. First, red fruits are spreading, followed by clear vanilla and wood. In addition, it shows yet subtle caramel and bourbon typical flavors. He is strong and shows dominant nutty and salty notes are dominant, followed by a certain sharpness. Finish: the Evan Williams Single Barrel Whiskey finally again shows extremely harmonious - it sounds from soft and leaves long lasting caramel and wood. A special premium straight bourbon whiskey of astounding quality, who was elected for five consecutive years (2007-2012) from the World Whiskey Award for Whiskey of the Year and received numerous other gold medals and is a hot tip for connoisseurs and whiskey lovers.

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