Caroni Trinidad Rum

Selected and rare Caroni Trinidad Rum

Caroni was a distillery founded in 1918 in the Caribbean island state of Trinidad, which consisted only of a single estate with a sugar cane farm. Today, it is a name that immediately inspires the hearts of rum lovers. Equipped with both a Pot Still and a Column Still, Caroni produced a heavy, complex rum with a distinctive character and taste. With the closure of the sugar refinery, which produced the molasses for the Caroni distillery, Caroni also had to stop production and close the distillery in 2003. Since only a few bottles were bottled under their own label, Caroni Rum was known to only a few absolute connoisseurs and lovers, and the closure of the distillery was not attracted at this time.
In 2003 and 2004 the remaining Caroni stocks from the 70s, 80s and 90s were auctioned, the well-known Italian importer, distributor and independent bottler Velier with the owner Luca Gargano from Genova secured a large part. Within a short time, with the few previously available strictly limited bottlings of Caroni vintage and single Cask Rum, Velier ensured a lot of attention.
A few other independent bottlers such as Bristol, Bonpland, Compagnie des Indes, Samaroli and Rum Nation have also secured barrels and have filled some extraordinary rum.
In particular, the bottlings of Velier have an outstanding quality, Luca Gagarno has proved with his selection and excellent feeling for outstanding rum and long-time knowledge - the limited bottlings matured allways in the Caribbean with an Angels share of more than 80% and the rare single Cask bottlings from the 70s and 80s are now among the most expensive rum and are now rarely be found in the special auctions of Bonhams, Christies or Whiskey.Auction.
Caroni is today already a piece of rum history with an aroma and character that try to find its own. Due to the low number of Caroni caks still available, this rum offers a special exclusivity and certainly belongs to the best of what the Rum category has to offer today. The typical petrol notes of Caroni are particularly popular by lovers and fans of peated whiskys, with its complexity in fragrance and taste, he has meanwhile reached cult status among connoisseurs.

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