Olde St. Nick Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskey

Rare and selected Olde St. Nick Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskey

Very Olde St. Nick - is about this whiskey label itself in the art, a certain helplessness - under this name exceptional and rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Rye whiskeys were sold and there are many myths and rumors about these whiskeys. The in Europe almost unknown label Olde St. Nick to unconfirmed sources bottlings of Julian Van Winkle and Willett were bottled and marketed in the early 2000s for export to Japan. At that time, the Japanese market was much more interested in rare and old Bourbon and Rye whiskey and the demand for these whiskeys was greater than in the US. The bourbon whiskeys probably all came from the same sources as the legendary old Willett, Black Maple Hill and Stitzel Weller bottlings from this period. Rye whiskeys are probably from the old Bernheim or Medley distilleries and can now be found even only extremely rare in Japan. The only few existing bottlings and especially the old Bourbon whiskeys achieve now at the prestigious Special auctions Bonhams or Christie exorbitantly high prices to rise further.
In response to a question on Olde St. Nick Julian Van Winkle gave up Straight Bourbon in 2000 following response: Old St. Nick was bottled by Even Kulsveen in Bardstown. He buys his whiskey from Heaven Hill. The label was created by a lady in California a few years ago, which sold my whiskey in Japan. I used to actually filled these whiskeys for them and they were sent to Japan. But years ago I had not so much older whiskey as needed and so you joined Evan Kulsveen who had the Heaven Hill supply. Regardless of all the rumors - in either case, only rarely available Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys of Olde St. Nick is a special piece of American whiskey history and any remaining available bottle is an absolutely rare edition for connoisseurs and whiskey lovers. In our Whisky Shop you will find especially very rare and old bottlings from the Very Rare Ancient Estate and Reserve series and single barrel Bourbon Whiskeys.

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