Gordon & MacPhail Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Gordon and MacPhail

The firm Gordon and MacPhail is certainly probably the most famous and most widely known independent bottlers of Scotch whisky, was founded on May 24, 1895 in Elgin by James Gordon and John Alexander MacPhail as a single action, especially for tea, wine and spirits and can now on a more than 120 year proven track record to look back. With one of the first employee of the young company at that time was the 15 year old apprentice John Urquhart, who soon turned out to be docile and inquisitive students and James Gordon accompanied not only by his trips to the many Scottish distilleries, but also at the marriage or the blending of different barrels and whisky participated. In 1915 John Urquhart took over after the death and elimination of the two founders, the business and led it to the handover to his son George Urquhart in 1933 continues. In particular, in the 30s and 40s, large stocks of selected single malts created. Today Gordon and MacPhail is run by the fourth generation of the Urquhart family and has the undisputed largest stock of Scottish and especially old Scotch whiskys in the world. To date, Gordon and MacPhail has brought a wide range of single malt whiskys on the market and has currently more than 350 different whiskys from over 70 Scottish distilleries releases.
The existing extensive inventories of rare and no longer available old whiskys made it Gordon and MacPhail to write repeatedly whisky history and records. Together with Glenfiddich belonged Gordon and MacPhail of the first companies, which under in the 60s, the supplement then universally popular blended malts with Single Malt Whiskies, and brought this now highly acclaimed and today especially gefagten with collectors, enthusiasts and connoisseurs bottlings the label Connoisseurs Choice on the market. This was then ridiculed by many in the art and considered to be unsuccessful, but turned out to be the right decision and made sure that today almost any whisky only single malt whisky purchased and the number of blended malts declined significantly. With this bold step and foresight provided George Urquhart of Gordon and MacPhail that today belonged single malt whisky of the most successful and now special bottlings of the most expensive spirits in the world.
Another or several milestones sat Gordon and MacPhail, the presented on 11 March 2010 the oldest single malt Scotch whisky - a 70 year old Mortlach which was established in 1940 distilled and bottled after 70 years in barrel maturation. This was followed on 20 September 2012 the Generations series a 70 year old Glenlivet Single Malt and on September 2, 2015 again a distilled in November 1939 and in Sherry Butt No. 2475 matured for 75 years Mortlach Single Cask Whisky in a limited edition of 100 intricately designed decanters - the idea was carried out magnificently in the Royal Opera House in London. In 2014, then a series called Private Collection was launched for special single malt whiskys, in particular premium single malts the renowned distilleries are bottled and offered in limited edition. 1993 acquired Gordon and MacPhail or the Urquhart family the old Benromach Distillery in Forres in Scotland s Speyside. The ailing distillery and its buildings have been completely renovated and modernized, the official reopening took place in 1998 by Prince Charles himself. Single malt whiskys from Gordon and MacPhail stand today for an excellent quality and are particularly sought after by connoisseurs and whisky-lovers worldwide.

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