Jack Wiebers Whisky World Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Jack Wiebers Whisky World

Jack Wiebers Whisky World: Lars-Göran Wiebers, which is actually only called in the scene Jack, is a German Whisky importer specializing in selected distilleries and rarities, which was founded in 1996 as a wholesaler and since 1999 very successfully own whisky bottlings of renowned distilleries and different series as well as some world coveted single malt whiskys has brought to market. The whiskey is bottled in Glasgow. His notoriety began for many connoisseurs and lovers of the series Scottish Castle, from the mid-2013 was unfortunately the final edition to the market. Meanwhile, the series The Cross Hill, Auld Distillers Collection, Prenzlow Portfolio Collection, Old Train Line, Gentle Noses and the Great Ocean Liners and Old Passenger Liners achieved a certain notoriety and the mostly short runs with the sometimes unusual and eye-catching labels are usually within short time sold. The special Bowmore series Wanted, is wanted by the label always looking for a celebrity of whisky scene, situation also provided plenty to talk and is used to reckon with various colleagues... The series show largely elaborate labels with drawings on various topics and consist of only single cask bottlings, this is top quality with short runs always in the foreground, and every important detail is stated on the bottle label. All series and fillings are very popular today and very much in demand by the excellent work and selection of Jack with connoisseurs, enthusiasts and collectors and enjoy international now almost cult status.

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