Cragganmore Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Cragganmore Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Distillery Cragganmore is a whisky distillery in Ballindalloch in the Speyside region, was established in Ballindalloch at the foot of Craggan More Hill in 1869 by John Smith. It is located on the lands of Ballindalloch Castle in the village of Ballindalloch in Banffshire in northeast Scotland. The place was chosen by Smith because of its proximity to both Bach Craggan Burn and the railway Strathspey Railway. He had to persuade the landowner Sir George Macpherson-Grant, to lease him a piece of land near the railway. Smith was in his capacity an expert when it comes to whisky distillation. He previously served as manager of Macallan-, Glenlivet-, Glenfarclas- and the Clydesdale distillery in Wishaw. The Strathspey Railway has now been shut down, but her lead the Speyside Way walking along. The Distillery Cragganmore is the official Malt Whisky Trail in Scotland, which passes eight distilleries in Speyside. For the production of whisky is exclusively pure, bad foul Diabasstone used flowing spring water from the Craggan Burn. The malt used comes from the Roseisle Maltings in Elgin and has a phenol content before only 2 ppm. The two stills that are used in the second firing (spirit stills), are unique flat and short and each hold 6,700 liters. This form contributes significantly to the special aroma and taste of Cragganmore single malt. The distillery is now part of spirits group Diageo (formerly United Distillers), the whisky is marketed as part of the Classic Malts series of operations.
Among connoisseurs and Cragganmore has the reputation to distil the most complex malts of Speyside, which is probably due to the unusual shape of the still-heads used. The Cragganmore single malt Scotch whisky is considered dry, strong and full-bodied with a balanced elegance and a pleasant long finish.

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