Rare and selected Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Independent Bottlers

Independent bottlers of single malt whisky do not produce necessarily own whisky, but purchase individual barrels from distilleries that they fill later under his name. With few exceptions, also the name of the original distillery must be mentioned on the label in these fillings, the labels of these bottles primarily bear the name of the bottler and the name of the distiller is usually added slightly smaller. The oldest independent bottler is the Scottish company Cadenhead s, which was founded in 1842 by William Cadenhead in Aberdeen. However, it was until the mid-19th century quite common that individual distilleries barrels sold to whisky merchant - whether in direct or through brokers - which often fill whisky, straight from the barrel, for their clients. In the 1930s and 1940s put the independent bottler Gordon and MacPhail under John Urquhart extensive stocks of selected malt whiskys and then introduced the now almost legendary Connoisseurs Choice Malt Whisky series. This occurred at a time when the trend is clearly went to blended Scotch whiskies and a few distilleries their single malt whiskies ever sold as such. Until the 60s dominated Blended Scotch whisky market and slowly only by a major advertising campaign of Glenfiddich in the 1960s was an increased demand for single malt whiskies. Consequently, now the distilleries began increasingly to offer single malt bottlings high value on continuity and quality in the market.
Here set the independent bottlers to and it was acquired with much expert knowledge individual, selected barrels at the distillery and they could now decide, how long the whisky must mature in the barrel. The nature and the place of storage are in their own decision and the standards of the distilleries had no role in them, but the independent bottlers decide at its own feeling, knowledge and experience when the best time is reached and the whisky is bottled and can be offered.
Among the major philosophy of independent bottlers belonged to let the individual barrels as long rest until the whisky stored therein has reached its optimum point of ripeness and it only fill. The so-called Single Cask or single cask bottlings with maximum individuality and special quality, therefore, there was initially only offer the Independent Bottler, while the commercial bottlings of distilleries (original bottlings) were more oriented towards the recognition of their standard range. The whiskey of an original bottler who has a taste before, for example, 8 years ago, should taste just as him today.
In addition, the whiskies of Independent Bottler are usually bottled in different alcohol strengths while bottlings from Original bottlers generally have the same strength. Another and special quality feature is that the whiskies of an independent bottler is provided usually without the addition of the dye caramel and are also not chill-filtered. This means that the customer receives a whisky in its natural and pure form. These so-called Natural Colour whiskies appear then often brighter and will also vary with each barrel filled with the same origin and ripening time in colour, as often with an additive dark coloured product in the original bottlers. The after-staining was performed is justified by the customer for the greatest possible continuity in the appearance and taste. Insiders and experts, however, believed that a so coloured whiskey to pretend better quality and higher age.
To determine how different barrels and types of wood affect the taste of whisky, the independent bottlers were also the first in the market, the whiskies for after-ripening (finish) filled in former cognac, port wine, rum, Sauternes- or sherry casks , These experiments were quite successful and aroused widespread interest among whisky lovers - today the finish is offered in one or even several foreign barrels by many original bottlers. With its commitment to the highest possible quality and high standards make the well-known independent bottlers a wide range of high quality and individual whiskies available and are now a great asset and important part of the market.
Then there are the special features that some of the large and well-known independent bottlers like Gordon and MacPhail, Hart Brothers, Duncan Taylor, Douglas Laing or Signatory Vintage have a many decades old and extensive stock of up to 10,000 barrels and over 350 different whiskies which us today allows to obtain a rare old single malt or special whisky from a distillery which is closed for a long time or even any single serving Malt Whiskies. Against the backdrop that the often limited bottlings are available only in small quantities by the limited number and especially old bottlings from the 60s, 70s and 80s, usually have excellent quality, these whiskies are very popular and in demand among collectors and connoisseurs.