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Blended whiskys are generally all whiskys whose components consist of several different whiskys and often from different distilleries. Among other things, various cereals such as rye, wheat, oats and even corn can be used in a blended whisky. Until the Scotch Whisky regulation 2009 (SWR 2009), the word appeared blended (for Scotch whisky) on whisky bottlings, which contained a mixture of barley grain whisky and non-stye whisky and since 2009 there is a Blended Malt Scotch Whisky exclusively a mixture of at least two single malt scotch whiskys of different distilleries. In addition to the provided for reasons of cost and with less quality and thus more expensive whisky inferior blends, there are also a number of extremely high-quality and award-winning blends that consist solely of single malts certain distilleries and their compilation are kept strictly secret from up to 50 different distillates - here are certainly the blends of Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, White Horse and the belonging to the world s top Japanese premium blended whiskys of Nikka Taketsuru and Suntory Hibiki special mention.
A special case is certainly one of the blended grain whisky, this is made from several grains without any use of single malts and is rarely found. Additionally still called Blended Scotch whiskys available - here one or more single malt varieties with grain whiskey are blended. As in any blended whisky entirely different old whiskys can be contained, with most bottlings no indication of age is present and if it a age indication can be found, this always refers to the youngest whisky in the mixture. In a 12 year old blend can thus also very much a 30 year old whisky be included. In addition, in particular the high quality blends after blending again filled in selected casks to mature for some time further - usually this is provided on the label appropriate information.

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