Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Rare and selected Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt Whisky

The Yamazaki distillery in Shimamoto at the foot of Mount Tenno located near Kyoto and is the oldest, still operating Japanese whisky distillery. It was opened in 1923 by Torii Shinjiro first malt whisky distillery in Japan. The valley of the mountain Yamazaki Tennozan on the island of Honshu in 1923 was the birthplace of Japanese whiskey. The company founder and chairman of Kotobukiya (the predecessor company of Suntory) wanted to produce a serious whisky and therefore presented a Taketsuru Masataka, whom he appointed in 1924 Managing Director of the Yamazaki distillery. Taketsuru Masataka previously traveled to Scotland to learn there the production of Scotch whisky on site. Under Taketsuru producing the first whisky in 1929 completed, which was marketed as shirofuda (white label). Because of differences between Torii and Taketsuru, retired Taketsuru 1934 the company and built the Nikka Whisky in Hokkaido later. The main reason for choosing the location of the headquarters was the outstanding water quality of the area, which is called minaseno. Furthermore bring the situation at the foot of Mount Tenno and near the confluence of three rivers (Katsura-gawa, Kizu-gawa, Uji-gawa), a special climate forth, which is mainly characterized by a very high humidity.
Yamazaki produced a worldwide esteemed and most sought-after single malt whisky and is now known for its unique, diverse and complex flavors. The excellent work of Yamazaki distillery was provided with numerous prizes and awards for the produced whiskys and received in 2015 a knighthood in Jim Murray s Whisky Bible: the first time, a renowned British expert has given the award for the world s finest whisky to Japan. The Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 reached in Jim Murray s Whisky Bible 2015 the impressive value of 97.5 points out of 100, making it one of the best whiskys in the world.

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