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Rare and selected Bourbon Whiskey

The American bourbon is certainly the world s best known corn whisky and is a whiskey that has to be made from at least 51% corn, preferring a maize content in the mash of about 65% to 75%. In order to be sold as straight bourbon, there is a legally prescribed storage period of two years, which must be stored in new, inside charred white oak barrels. Bourbon Whiskey matures within a few years due to the fresh wood of the barrels and the climatic conditions in the production region. The American Bourbon Whiskey is very popular with connoisseurs due to its variety and complex aromas and is always bottled without the addition of dyes.
In our whisky shop you will find the largest selection of rare and old Bourbon whiskeys from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, the Single Oak Project and the Experimental Collection, A. H. Hirsch, Eagle Rare, Evan Williams, Four Roses, George T. Stagg, Stagg Jr., William Larue Weller, W. L. Weller, Old Forester, Pappy van Winkle, Parkers Heritage, Old Rip van Winkle, Wild Turkey, Willett and other well-known manufacturers.

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