Signatory Vintage Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Signatory Vintage

Signatory (Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co) is one of the few Scottish independent bottlers are filling your whisky itself and not filling and was founded by Andrew Symington in 1988 in Leith, whose grandfather over 40 years for Vat 69 worked. Andrew Symington himself was previously hotel manager when he decides to go it alone with borrowed start-up capital and single malt whiskys fill. The project or the original idea behind it, to let the bottles of selected vintage malts from different barrels each with the signature of a famous personality (hence the name Signatory Vintage) under sign of a known person, which however never been implemented as planned was could be because the first filling a 1968 Glenlivet was sold out before he could find a suitable signatories thereof. Signatory is one of the four or five independent bottlers which has its own barrel storage of over 10,000 barrels and can fall back on itself embedded and lying in their own warehouses whisky casks of distilleries in the selection of barrels. This has the advantage over other bottlers who store their barrels in the distilleries that Signatory can decide the filling time of the stored whisky dates. When the company in 1992 began to expand, they moved to Edinburgh on a much larger area. Here applied and got Signatory Vintage also the license to fill their own bottles and built a small semi-automatic bottling line on. Since much attention is paid to details and quality, with most bottlings the number of bottles and bottle number, cask number, distillation and bottling date stated on the label, which is carried out by manual labor in the traditional way. Signatory tried whiskys from the different regions and the various age groups fill, with the emphasis on whisky of such distilleries that do not fill themselves, and usually produce only for Blender. Most bottlings of Signatory therefore single cask bottlings.
Since 2002, the Highland distillery Edradour is also one with its picturesque distillery grounds in Pitlochry to the independent bottler Signatory, it took place a parade of Edinburgh and the distillery is used to find new ways in the production of single malt whisky and to tread. So working at Edradour with the most varied kinds of barrel for the finish, and it was there a whisky produced in the tradition of lying in the neighborhood, and for a long time lain still distillery Ballechin. Today especially the old single cask bottlings are from the Signatory Millenium Edition and excellent single malts from the Cask Strength Collection sought rare whiskys.

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