Amerikanischer Whiskey

Rare and selected American Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys

American whiskey is made primarily of a mixture of unmalted and malted barley, corn, or rye, the exact composition of the grains is regionally varied and sometimes also processes wheat. Therefore, it is an American whiskey is not a Malt and whiskeys from America therefore differ already own taste strongly of European or Japanese whiskeys such as the Scotch whiskey in which no corn should be included, or the single malt, the consists solely of malted barley. By using and mixing of different varieties crop of American whiskey gets its typical taste. On the North American continent, there are two areas where traditional whiskey is fired: This is, firstly, to Canada with the area around the St. Lawrence River and the US states of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.
The American Whiskey is available in two main categories: the American Blend (blended and possibly a mixture of several varieties) and American Straight Whiskey, which is the Straight Whiskey (pure, not blended - similar to the single malt), the varieties Rye Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskey is. The bourbon whiskey is divided into two sub straight-, Blended and Blended Straight Bourbon with different mixing ratios and cereals. In order for a whiskey produced in the United States must be called Bourbon, the grain mixture used must have a corn fraction of at least 51%, of the alcohol content in the preparation may not exceed 80% and amounted at the beginning of maturity not more than 62.5%. The whiskey must be stored from American white oak only in fresh, unused barrels which have been charred before. The drums used for this purpose are usually produced in the states of Arkansas and Missouri, where the wood itself comes from the entire East and the center of the United States. A Straight Rye Whiskey is distilled from at least 51% rye, which makes it very spicy and is a rarity, old fillings are now expensive rarities. When Tennessee Whiskey, the distillate from the same state must come, they consist of at least 51 percent of corn and filtered before storage in the barrel additionally over charcoal from sugar maple, which makes them very mild taste. Particularly popular with connoisseurs of the sweet Boubon, for a minimum storage period of 2 years is prescribed, the naming comes from Bourbon County in Kentucky, which had been named after the dynasty of the Bourbons of France.