Hart Brothers Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Hart Brothers

The independent bottlers hard Brother s is a traditional family, has been active since the late 19th century in the whisky business and whisky connoisseurs and lovers a term for excellent single malt whisky. The two brothers and CEO Iain and Donald Hart can boast decades of experience as a wine and spirits wholesalers and Scotch Whisky Blender and have filled a great range of different class whisky from different barrels and renowned distilleries over the years. In 1975, Alistair Hart joined the company, has since the choice of the finest Vintage Single Malt Whisky barrels responsible and ensures the Hart Brothers can offer a variety of different, rare and old single malts in small special editions.
Under the name Finest Collection limited edition single cask bottlings come from different distilleries and cask types both in drinking strength as well as at cask strength without cooling filtration and adding dyes to the market. This excellent range of different class bottlings could create a name among whisky connoisseurs and lovers and in particular the single cask bottling from the 60s and 70s represent an excellent quality and are today among collectors to the popular Whisky rarities over the years.

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