Karuizawa Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Rare and selected Karuizawa Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Karuizawa, Japan s smallest whisky distillery, produced in good times only 150,000 liters of alcohol per year and must now surely be called whisky legend. The Karuizawa distillery was built in 1955 by Daikoku-Budoshu, who worked previously in the wine area in the west of the mountain resort of Karuizawa at the foot of Mount Asama in Nagano Prefecture. The location Karuizawa, about 1000m altitude was chosen because it was believed that similar to the climatic conditions in the Scottish Highlands (although the summer much hotter and the winters are much colder) and thus can be made optimal maturation of the distillates. After completion in 1956 the import of Golden Promise barley for newly built distillery from Scotland and Whisky started was burned with the use of traditional production methods. The water used for the production was due to the particular soil and volcanic lava rock a unique quality, the maturation of the distillates was carried out primarily in selected Spanish sherry and a few American bourbon barrels. In 1962, the acquisition of the distribution company Ocean Co. Ltd with their whisky brand Ocean by Mercian Co. Ltd with and change in name of Mercian to Sanraku Ocean - the early Karuizawa whiskys were mostly blended whiskys from individual casks and were at that time under the name Sanruco Ocean marketed. The falling demand for whisky forcing Mercian Co. Ltd. in 2001 for the temporary closure of Karuizawa distillery. 2007 accepts the Kirin Holding the Mercian Co. Ltd. and decides the demolition of Karuizawa distillery. In 2011 buys, which specializes in the import of Japanese whisky English One Drinks Company Ltd. the last existing 365 barrels of the distillery and begins with the bottling and sale of single casks in limited editions with some very fancy labels and Japanese designs. Bottlings with the cocktail, geisha, sumo Dragon- or label and the NOH-series are among the most sought-after whisky rarities among connoisseurs and make every collector s heart.
Because of this special and award winning Japanese whisky is not made of Karuizawa since 2001, are available bottlings fewer. Among connoisseurs enjoy Japanese whiskys have long held a reputation, are regularly praised by the trade press and win prestigious awards such as the 2013 Yamazaki Sherry Casks in 2015 impressively demonstrated. In April 2013, the British Number One drinks a 52-year-old Karuizawa Single Cask whisky sold once with only 41 bottles from 1960, the oldest ever at Karuizawa bottled in Japan Whisky - the selling price at the time was proud 14,700 EURO for a bottle and this was sold out in a very short time. A bottle of this edition reached in August 2015 at the renowned Bonhams auction house in Hong Kong the previously unimaginable price of 118,500 US dollars - today all still available old bottlings of Karuizawa traded at prices that were unthinkable a few years ago.

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