Hakushu Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Rare and selected Hakushu Japanes Single Malt Whisky

In 1923, Shinjiro Torii had the idea to create a whisky that should carry the essence of Japanese nature in itself. Made from the best craftsmen with patience and the desire to further perfect the work of nature. He dreamed of a fine, nuanced, yet complex whisky that would satisfy the most demanding tastes of the Japanese. Inspired by the Scotch whisky tradition undertook a Japanese Torii Overture to the traditional Scotch, and although soil and climate conditions of the Scottish fundamentally different. Torii chose Yamazaki region near Kyoto as the birthplace of Japanese whisky and Keizo Saji leads the heritage and the innovative power of his father and built in 1973, the second distillery Suntory - Hakushu. The Hakushu distillery is a figurehead of Japanese whisky Arts is undoubtedly one of the highest in the world and is located about 120 km west of Tokyo in the woods of Kaikomagatake Mountain in the southern Japanese Alps and was once the largest malt distillery of the world. The majestic forest that surrounds the distillery, is shelter a variety of plants that reflect the many expressions of Japanese nature. The Hakushu whisky is considered fresh and gently smoky single malt with notes of herbs, a crisp, lively body and was now numerous international awards for its outstanding quality. Among connoisseurs and lovers of this Japanese Single Malt Whisky is now regarded as an insider tip.

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