Whisky purchase, exchange and trade

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Pay cash or free insured shipping
We buy all year on new and old whisky and whiskey rarities also from Germany, Austria and other countries and provide both the buying individual bottles, the full bar, extensive whiskey collection or parts from an inheritance to. If we are interested, we will visit you personally and pay in cash or we will provide free packing materials for safe shipping with subsequent payment by bank transfer within 3 days.

Expiration and required information
To be able to perform an exact Valuations in the variety of different fillings, we need in advance most detailed images of the bottle(s) and labels, or a detailed list with all the information on bottle labels, a short status description (level, possible visual impairments or damage to the label / carton / box) via email to whiskyankauf@amshop.de or fax: +49 (0)831 - 697378-37 and received within a short time a purchase offer from us. If the collection or number of available whiskies be too large, write down the approximate number and send us by email if possible 4-5 photos to the first search result. If you like our offer, we will send you a written confirmation with all purchase details.

IMPORTANT - Please refrain from telephone inquiries; because we cannot issue binding information on the phone and all operations will process carefully review each bottle to create them according to fair purchase offer.

Whisky Exchange and trade
You have find in our whisky shop a long-sought Whisky or whiskey, can or do not want to buy this, but have even a special whisky twice, want to part of a special whisky or her collection Decrease? In this case, let us have the expiry of purchase describes an email to whiskyankauf@amshop.de or send a fax to: +49 (0)831-697378-37 with the available exchange-whisky or whiskies where a trade-in is to take place and / the desired copy(s) from our extensive range of collector whiskies and whisky rarities. After making this assessment, you will receive their offer and if you like it, we will send you information on the proceedings.

FAQ - frequently asked questions when buying whisky and make the offer

How much worth is my whisky?
Almost every bottle of whisky has a value and almost any whisky finds a buyer. However, there are examples that are worth a few euros and other that achieve hundreds or even many thousands of euros. The actual value depends on many factors, so may be highly sought after and rare a few years old Scotch whisky, while the 40 year old found in the basement has only a historical value and cannot find a buyer. For collectors and lovers of Scotch and Japan whiskies are preferred asked, American Bourbon or Rye Whiskey almost only old or limited bottlings smaller circulation a few distilleries are wanted.

How will the purchase price determined?
The purchase price is determined by the following factors: the manufacturer or bottler, year and age (e.g. 12, 18, 25, 30 Years old, etc.), Version – e.g. Single Cask bottling, circulation or quantity of bottled specimens, the filling level of the bottle (best in the bottle neck), the state of the labels (not faded, stained or damaged, without subsequent labels), the closure (cap / closure tightly and undamaged - no fluid loss) and the state of repackaging - whisky in the original, undamaged packaging fetch higher prices when selling. A proper storage is required - the bottles should be kept always been standing, cool and protected from light. Damage or dirt on labels, caps or seals affect value decrease and are rated accordingly, since damaged bottles can be sold only with discounts. Finally, the final vote on the basis of the results of the special sale, less any applicable sales charges, compared prices from collectors and, if available, reference prices in wholesale trade and the costs for storage and sale in our house. The result of this calculation is the value of the whisky and the bottle.

The online store or a stationary merchant has my whiskey at a very high price? Why do I get the sale price does not this?
Many retailers and online stores often offer special whisky or whisky rarities at exorbitant prices, which do not correspond to the actual value and is significantly overpriced. This is deliberately intended, because most vendors live by selling the current bottlings and the standard range and these whiskies presented mostly visible in the offer or on their websites just as so-called "eye-catcher" - but a sale of this special whisky is not wanted because the customer or visitor to be just curious drawn to the store or online store, only to buy something out of the normal range by this exceptional whisky. Therefore, these deals are often continuously to find over the years - they will simply not be sold because they are not to be sold.
The sale to a specialist dealer for collector’s whiskies might not meet the desired price you have imagined. If you want to sell whisky itself, offer this e. g. on eBay, you need to consider a few things. Among other things, ensure that the whisky on offer may only be purchased by buyers from the age of 18 years or older. The shipment of spirits also requires special and certified packaging, because otherwise a damage such as a broken glass no claim for damages to the logistics service is up and wear while shipping, the risk for the eventual loss of the consignment in transit. The subsequent anger with the buyer you will receive mostly free. When selling through an auction house the outcome is often uncertain and the fee is 20% or more of the sales price.
All these things account for the sale of our company specializing in collectible whisky and whisky Rarities Company - the settlement with us is fast, convenient and secure.