Inchgower Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Inchgower Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Inchgower is a distillery in Buckie in Speyside Scotland. Since the landowners wanted to double the rent, the originally existing distillery Tonicheal in 1871 was closed. The nephew of the distillery operator, Alexander Wilson, founded as a result close to the Scottish city Buckie distillery Inchgower. 1903 the distillery was first abandoned, but reopened in 1930 by the city of Buckie. In 1936 Arthur Bell and Sons acquired the distillery, which they fully installed mid-sixties modernized and two more stills. Arthur Bell and Sons was acquired in 1985 by Guinness, which were incorporated in the same year in the UDV Group, which operates as Diageo today. The Inchgower whiskys are largely unknown, although in particular have a special quality and complex flavors the few existing old bottlings. As single malt Inchgower is so far officially bottled only in one version: In the Flora and Fauna series of Diageo. A 1974 he arrived in the Rare Malts series in small quantities on the market and is now one of the collector s items, old single cask bottlings, there were only a small number of independent bottlers and are considered rare. The malts of Inchgower do not meet the typical Speyside whiskeys. Rather, they are salty, with lake-notes, have a special character and are superficial than other Speyside single malt whiskys.

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