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Rare and selected Single Cask Whisky

Single Cask whisky is a whisky (commonly used in particular for Scotch whisky) comes from a single barrel, its properties or barrel storage but is not precisely defined. Often the bottles from a single cask are numbered consecutively and provided with information on the cask number, type, distillation and bottling date and are available only in an order determined by the barrel size and mostly limited amount. What is true for the year whisky, is more pronounced in single cask bottlings and the quality may be different for each different filling and the barrel used. A single cask Edition (Single Cask) is a distillery always something special. A higher level of quality and a greater individuality can usually not be achieved, because usually only the very best, most unusual and rarest casks are marketed as single cask whisky on the market. The single cask has the absolute advantage of a unique taste, which, however - and this is the main drawback - is not completely reproducible. If the filling of a single cask whisky sold out, you can appreciate most fortunate to have not yet received a bottle itself. For a distillery that single cask usually means significantly higher expenditure, why just the single cask bottlings large distilleries and in particular the Single Cask whisky independent bottler Gordon and MacPhail, Duncan Taylor, Murray McDavid and Signatory Vintage costs often a multiple of the standard bottling and old versions of the Rare Auld Edition, Connoisseurs Choice, Rare Vintage, Old Malt Cask or Cask Rare are particularly sought after by lovers and connoisseurs and today count among collectors to the coveted rare whiskys.

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