Glenlivet Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Glenlivet Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The distillery Glenlivet near Ballindalloch in Scottish Speyside founded the first legal distillery after the Act of Excise from 1823 by George Smith, which the family then moved to the displeasure of the entire environment, since the illegal burning of whisky a long tradition in this had around. The new law, however, illegal distilleries disappeared almost completely within a decade. The current distillery was built. 1858 In 1880 the Smiths acquired the exclusive right to the name of The Glenlivet. 1977 distiller to the American alcohol group Seagram was sold, which went to Pernod Ricard in of 2001. The water belonging to the Speyside distillery dates back to Josie s Well. The distillery has a mash tun (11.5 t) and eight fermenting vats (together 472,000 l). is distilled in four wash stills (15,000 l each) and four spirit stills (10,500 per L), which are heated by steam. With a new building then came also another mash tun, six fermentation tanks and three stills to. The Art of Making Whisky is among others in choosing the right barrels for the period of maturation. For The Glenlivet American and Spanish oak barrels are used, for example, where already Sherry or Bourbon was stored and give the whisky its own respective and unique flavor. The pot still is the centerpiece in the whisky production, crucial to the character of the whisky is the form. Designed by the founder George Smith lantern shape is still used today for the production of this exceptional single malt whiskys. The high stills promote contact between distillate and copper, remove impurities and permit mixing of the flavoring elements, what the Glenlivet Scotch whisky gives a special quality. The character of Glenlivet is called fine, very elegant and rich in floral aromas, depending Cask are still more specific flavors to find and the Malt Whisky is known for a long-lasting, mainly dry and mild finish. In particular, the rare single cask bottlings and bottlings from Gordon and MacPhail are in high demand and have an extraordinary quality.

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