Bruichladdich Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Bruichladdich Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Bruichladdich in 1881, built by the brothers Robert, William and John Gourlay Harvey in a perfect location on the edge of Loch Indaal, on the east bank of the Rhinns, the western reaches of the island of Islay. At this time, the operation was one of the most modern distilleries. Much of that equipment is still used today. Unlike most distilleries, which have arisen from converted farmhouses, Bruichladdich was planned as a distillery and built. The buildings were built around a central courtyard, which included the Darren and a steam engine for power generation. From 1929 to 1937, not produced, followed by several changes of ownership. Invergordon built in 1974 another pair of stills one. 1994 the distillery was shut down again until it was purchased on 19 December 2000 by Mark Reynier and his two Murray McDavid colleague Simon Coughlin and Gordon Wright for 7,500,000 £ and then completely renovated. As master distiller Jim McEwan could be won (previously worked at Bowmore). The old existing Victorian equipment was largely intact. The units, furnaces and pipes were broken down into their individual parts and overtaken by a team of engineers and reassembled.
The distillery has a mash tun (6.2 t) and six fermentation tanks (together 210,000 l). is distilled in two Rohbrandblasen (together 23,000 l) and two fine blisters (together 21,000 l), which are heated by steam. 2010 came a Lomond Still added from the disused distillery Inverleven. Since 25 May 2003, the bottling plant in operation, making it the distillery the only on Islay, which fills the spot. In May 2004 his own cooperage was opened, and since December 2004, the malt from organic barley of Islay is made. From the distillery there are a variety of fillings. Until the last closing in 1994 was used exclusively ungetorftes malt, thereby Bruichladdich different from the other Islay distilleries.
A special distillate of Bruichladdich, the most peated whisky in the world, is named after an old distillery (1816-1852) called Octomore in Port Charlotte, which, founded in 1816 by George Montgomery, she ran until 1840, today in the yard of James Brown lies. The Octomore II is fired at Bruichladdich since of 2002. The first Octomore vintage was brought in late 2008 in the trade, its phenol content was 131 ppm. He rose at Octomore 2 to 140 ppm, while Octomore 3 to 152 ppm, while Octomore 4.1 to 167 ppm and 2012 at 5.1 Octomore even unique 169 ppm (Laphroaig contains about 35 ppm, Ardbeg about 40 ppm). Today Bruichladdich produces a wide range of no peated up to peated single malts of outstanding quality and stands for authentic, perfectly crafted products produced with an intense aroma, a unique taste and the maritime character of the Atlantic - all single malts from Bruichladdich are distilled, matured and bottled on the Islay.

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