Prichards Double Barreled Straight Bourbon Tennessee Whiskey

Rare and selected Prichards Double Barreled Straight Bourbon Tennessee Whiskey

Benjamin Prichard is a liquor manufacturer from Kelso, Tennessee. The Prichards Double Barreled Bourbon produced there is a special feature in the portfolio of the distillery, because it is probably the only whiskey in the world that is reduced by a first maturity at cask strength to about 48% and is then filled again in an oak barrel. Through this process, the whiskey can absorb more flavor and this can harmonize better. Although already for five generations the Prichard s produced spirits, only founded in 1997 Phil Prichard own distillery in Kelso. This then was the first legal reopening a distillery in Tennessee for nearly 50 years. Although located in Lincoln County, Tennessee, is Prichard s the only manufacturer of Tennessee whiskey which is not the Lincoln County Process passes - since the Tennessee Whiskey is defined by law since 2013, Prichard s is by an exception in the law also the only manufacturer of him so may make. At use of the highest quality ingredients and the same old traditional techniques succeeded Phil to produce in America some of the finest tasting rums and Tennessee whiskeys, she could quickly among the famous Tennessee distilleries establish and produces only small amounts of whiskey. The limited and bottled by hand Tennessee straight bourbon whiskeys are among connoisseurs and whiskey lovers now a secret and received numerous awards for its unique flavor and exceptional quality.

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