FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Need help with your order or have questions about our whiskies, a particular bottling or you are looking for a special whisky? Simply send us an email to post@amshop.de or call us at: +49 (0) 831-697378-31.

Show the pictures in our Whisky Shop the bottles in the original?
We offer our customers the highest possible transparency, in many of our rare whiskies are rare and unique items with small or limited circulation - they are photographed as detailed as possible in the house with us and you will usually always pictured bottle with the bottle number given in the description. Our shop offers the opportunity to view all the details in high resolution due to the integrated on all original photos zoom function. For bottles which are multiple in stock or even can be reordered, the photos show one of these bottles in original and the existing bottle number may different from the imaging. With the delivery you receive a bill, (if any) with the bottle number and / or if any, the individual bottle code is listed.

Which logistics company will be shipped?
We ship exclusively with DHL. The bottles are packed with great care and safe.

How many bottles are available?
We only work with existing products - bottles currently not in stock, but expected to arrive again, cannot be added to cart. The list of current inventory is displayed in the "stock" field.

Is a delivery to the packing station or post offices possible (only available for Germany)?
We will send your whisky to a packing station or post office. You can easily order process under "delivery address" when entering your data select whether the delivery to a packing station or a branch is to be sent. Please note that if you pay via PayPal, a delivery to a packing station or post office is only possible if this is sent by PayPal in the delivery address and we may still need to perform an age check.

What payment methods are available?
You can choose between different types of payment: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and cash on delivery (COD only for Germany and max. € 3.500 available).

Do you ship to other countries?
We offer a delivery to other EU countries. You will find an overview of the countries with shipping-costs and payment conditions under: http://www.amshop.de

Is it possible to pick-up the whisky personally?
A personally pick-up is of course possible by appointment.

How do I know if a whiskey is colored?
To ensure a uniform color over several batches, many whiskies are colored with caramel E150. Depending on the import or country of destination it is mentioned on the bottle or not. For fillings, which are intended for the German market, this is a required and can be found on the bottle. For imports from abroad or overseas this information is not usually, because it is not required in the destination country. Whether a dye containing whisky, learn on the product detail page, with many old fillings or whiskies in limited edition are, however, often do not have accurate data available at present.

How long is a whisky stable?
Spirits and especially whisky have the higher alcohol content and no expiration date. There is no expiration date, so do not run or ruin.

Unopened: In the unopened bottle of whisky, unlike wine, unless the following rules are better and not really bad observed and followed. The whisky should be stored necessarily standing and the quality to maintain as long as possible during storage, one should protect him reflect sunlight and keep not too warm to evaporation through the cork (the so-called Angels' share) to as low as possible hold. Therefore, the best is the storage in a cool, dry cellar and if this should not be present in an area with similar climatic conditions. To prevent excessive drying out of the cork, it is recommended that the bottle to rotate one to two times a year so that the cork is wetted briefly. Screw caps should be regularly monitored carefully for tightness; a mark of the level is also recommended and can be useful for a long storage period. In addition, there is the possibility to close the bottle with parafilm addition, what in particular old whisky is particularly often useful and is used by whisky connoisseurs and collectors professional with good experience even over a long period. With these conditions, a whisky without problems for many years or even decades is storable.

Open: A whisky in the opened bottle reacts among others with oxygen in the air. The more oxygen in the bottle and the more often you open a bottle, the faster loses the whisky of quality. Due to the slow evaporation of alcohol, the whisky also changes the taste - it is increasingly softer. In addition, reactions of flavours with the air that can cause change the flavour. You can now try to drink his whisky, within six months or the air in the bottle to displace (for example, with glass marbles), but this is only conditionally practicable and provide additional weight in the bottle. Another option is the decanting into smaller bottles for drinking to avoid the permanent opening of the original bottle. Here everyone Whisky behaves differently; one loses its flavour after half a year, the other tastes, even after two years in the opened bottle.