Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Rare and selected Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Laphroaig is in a small, unspoilt bay on the southern tip of the island of Islay. The distillery was officially founded in 1815 by the brothers Donald and Alex Johnston. Originally it was a farm distillery for its own use. The father of the founder, John, built one of the illegal distilleries, which later was Lagavulin. Also, there were from 1837 to 1868 on the use today of the distillery grounds yet another distillery: The old Ardenistiel Distillery of Andrew and James Gairdner, also known as Kildalton Distillery (1849-1852) and Islay Distillery (1852-1866) is known , The water for the production came from the Sanaig Burn, which also Laphroaig served as a water source at the time. The distillery remained until 1954 in family ownership. The last of the Johnston Clan, Ian Hunter, left the company of his secretary Bessie Williamson. These sold 1967 Long John Distillers, led the distillery but until they retired in 1972. 1923 and 1969 two more stills were bought. In 1974, added the last pot still, thus the number rose to seven. As Long John Distillers in 1975 went up in Whitbread, which in turn was part of Allied Domecq, also Laphroaig changed hands. Allied Domecq was acquired by Pernod Ricard of 2005. To meet the requirements of the cartel office, separated Pernod Ricard of Laphroaig and Beam Global Spirits and Wine, a subsidiary of Fortune Brands, the new owner was. End April 2014 concluded the Japanese beverage group Suntory completed the acquisition of Beam Global. Since Laphroaig counts for portfolio Suntory. The southernmost of the Islay distilleries has storage warehouses, which are facing the sea and washed by water in a heavy swell. The salt water, the salty sea air, which peaty water from the Kilbride Dam and the peat that originates from distillery own fields on Islay (Glenmachrie Peat Moss) and has a high Moos portion shall be primarily responsible for the distinctive flavor of malts. However, not all malt comes from our own production, about 75% is purchased from the Port Ellen Maltings, with a phenol content of about 40 ppm. Since 1994 Laphroaig is purveyor of Prince of Wales for Single Malt Whisky. The single malt whiskys Laphroaig are now equally popular for its special flavor and maritime Islay flavors for connoisseurs and whisky lovers.

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